If you follow the advice of the NPC exit out the opening to the left of the room

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    If you follow the advice of the NPC exit out the opening to the left of the room and grab the Golden Rune [1] on the cliff’s edge. Then, turn around and use the rocks to leap up the hole in the castle wall where you’ll find Ruin Fragment x3. Follow the route along the wall to get to Elden Ring Runes the cliffs on the other side. Here , you’ll see one wall with a gap smashed in it. Go up the fallen debris on your right to climb a cliff over you that you will be able to find a Smithing Stone [21. Take care to fall down to the grassy area below , where you will be attacked by Storm hawks. After you have killed it, walk forward to the cliff’s edge however instead of dropping down, go right to find a small path that leads upwards to a crumbling watchtower. There you’ll meet the NPC that you encountered before and he will grant you the Grace Mimic.

    Go down and you’ll be able to see the Site of Grace below. Drop down and rest whenever you’d like, but before we proceed, you must go back to grab several more items. From your Site of Grace following the slope of the cliff to a clearing . There you can see three Stormhawks. Make sure you approach them with care or you may be overwhelmed. Once you have defeated them, you can claim their Smithing Stone [3] they were guarding. Continue along the pathway until you come across two more Stormhawks and then after them will lead you to a dead-end area where you will find Bolts x 10. Return to the Site of Grace from before and prepare for the next area.

    Stormveil Cliffside.From here , we can finally get into the castle itself. Begin by walking up the wooden stairs in close proximity to the Site of Grace, keeping eye on the guard who is on guard at the top. Wait for him to turn his back, and then sneakily ascent the stairs, hoping to get him killed before he gets the attention of the other guards. There are two more soldiers located in the tower and one in the corner. Beware of their swift thrusting attacks and their air slashing range. Defeat them and Elden Ring Items for sale walk around the tower until you find the Golden Rune [2] on the other side.Elden Ring: Where To Find The Icerind Hatchet

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