Look around the corner next to the entrance to the courtyard

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    Breeze spring

    When the sea is clean, take a crouching position and sneak past the big enemy, and place yourself behind him , so that you can walk up and attack him back. The attacks of this enemy are powerful but they are slow, so you must execute the usual cheese strategy of backstabbingor perform some counter-attacks for guards to knock his down. After he’s dead, you can explore the courtyard! Explore the grounds as well with the two wooden guard towers , and you will see: Fire Arrow x12, an encased wooden Greatshield, a Pike, Magic Grease, Golden Rune [12] and 4and [4]), Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Mushroom 8 and Smoldering Butterfly 5. There is a pathway that leads into the gate, however I’d suggest ignore it until you have defeated the boss.

    Look around the corner next to the entrance to the courtyard. You will find a cellar that leads to an area with rats and an Fireproof Dried Liver, and another Stonesword Key door. Make use of the key we discovered earlier to open the door and then loot the chests to obtain the Godslayer’s Seal and the Godskin Prayer Book.

    The area where the giant enemy was laying, is a small room that houses a unique painting. The next step is up the stairs to the left of the giant enemy, where you will find a Smithing Stone [1and then (finally!) you will find the following Spot of Grace in a room located at the top of the staircase.

    Liftside Chamber.From here, we’re close to the main room, and we could even go back to reach it. The lever that is next to the elevator to signal it down, and then climb up until you reach the top of a rampart that overlooks the courtyard. Enter the door at the end of the pathway and you’ll be in a large room filled with magic jar adversaries and a large Jar warrior who is hidden behind the wall.

    Make sure you draw the big jar and deal with the guy first. As you can imagine, his attacks are powerful but slow. So just keep away from him to entice him into attacking and then go for two or three attacks when you feel he is at risk. The primary attack to watch out for is his spin, which he is able to achieve by turning his body in a slight way.

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